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Wireless Network Systems 2014

The list of material for the classes in 2014

Introduction: why a computer scientist/computer engineer should care about wireless systems

a ) Understand the basic principles of wireless technologies from the point of view of
Computer Engineers and/or Computer Scientists!
b) Understand the main wireless technologies. What are the main functionalities we expect from a wireless technology (e.g. localization, synchronization, security, QoS, etc.) and in which context do we use such functionalities to implement a wireless system?

TINYOS - Students will test the concepts discussed in the lectures using the TOSSIM simulator. A virtual machine for VIRTUALBOX is available here. The first lessons of a quick tutorial are available here.

To share a directory between the host and the virtual machine
1. Install guest addon on Virtualbox
2. make a folder on the host share_on_host
3. Devices--> shared folder --> share share_on_host
3. sudo mount -t vboxsf -o uid=1000,gid=1000 share /home/wcu/Desktop/shared
4. to automatically mount put the mount command on /etc/rc.local

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