Assignment by the end of April

Make a simulation on TOSSIM by the end of April and plot a graph obtained averaging the results of at least 3 runs having as x axis the number of nodes (10,50,100,200 randomly deployed) and y-axis the number of messages transmitted, received  and dropped  (plot 1) and Packet Deliver Ratio PDR (plot 2).

There is only on generator, node with ID 1 that generates a packet every 250 ms (case 1) and 500 ms (case 2).

The experiments will last for 10 generation of packets, thus 2500 ms in case 1 and 5000 ms in case b.

The generator will work as follows (case 1)

For 2500 ms
counter  = 0
generate a message every 250 ms containing the current value of the counter
counter ++

All the nodes will work as follows

When receive a message
if the message has been already received
    drop the message
    forward the message