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Wireless Network Systems

GOALS. The course is mainly addressed to Computer Engineers and Computer Scientists and aims at  providing the basic skills to design, implement and test a wireless system. We discuss the technologies, protocols, functionalities and algorithms to realise a wireless architecture capable to provide specific services (e.g. services for mobile users, services to reduce the digital divide etc.) subject to the typical constraints and challenges of the wireless and mobile domain (e.g. energy constraints, mobility, noise, limited CPU power, limited bandwidth, etc.)


Introduction: why a computer scientist/computer engineer should care about wireless systems

a ) Understand the basic principles of wireless technologies from the point of view of a
Computer Engineers and/or Computer Scientists.!
b) Understand the main wireless technologies. What are the main functionalities we expect from a wireless technology (e.g. localization, synchronization, security, QoS, etc.) and in which context do we use such functionalities to implement a wireless system?

TINYOS - Students will test the concepts discussed in the lectures using the TOSSIM simulator. A virtual machine for VIRTUALBOX is available here. The first lessons of a quick tutorial are available here.

To share a directory between the host and the virtual machine
1. Install guest addon on Virtualbox
2. make a folder on the host share_on_host
3. Devices--> shared folder --> share share_on_host
3. sudo mount -t vboxsf -o uid=1000,gid=1000 share /home/wcu/Desktop/shared
4. to automatically mount put the mount command on /etc/rc.local

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