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Andrea Vitaletti earned a Ph.D. in Computer Science (Ingegneria Informatica) from the University of Rome "La Sapienza" in 2002. During his Ph.D. and in the following years he visited some renowned  international research centers such as ETHZ (CH) and AT&T Research Labs (USA). He is currently Assistant professor (Ricercatore confermato) at DIAG, the Department of Computer, Control, and Management Engineering Antonio Ruberti at Sapienza University of Rome. National scientific qualification as associate professor in Italian Universities​ (abilitazione nazionale a professore di seconda fascia. Bando D.D. 1532/2016 settore concorsuale 09/H1 Sistema di Elaborazione delle informazioni e settore concorsuale 01/B1 Informatica)

He has (co-)authored more than 40 papers in journals and international conferences, mainly in the area of algorithms and protocols for wireless and sensor networks (see here for further details). 

National scientific qualification as associate professor in Italian Universities (abilitazione nazionale a professore di seconda fascia. Bando D.D. 1532/2016 settore concorsuale 09/H1 Sistema di Elaborazione delle informazioni)

His current research interests concern the design and the analysis of efficient algorithms and protocols for resource constrained networks (mainly distributed and localized algorithms) and their application to wireless sensor networks. He has been reviewer for several international conferences and journals and PC  member of some international conferences. He has been involved in a number of EU projects as researcher and PI (see here for further details) and he is currently the coordinator of the FET OPEN project PLEASED.

From 2002 to 2005 he has been technical coordinator of the CINI lab in Rome. He has carried out applied industrial research on wireless and pervasive systems at ETNOTEAM (now NTT DATA) ltd labs for 9 years. In 2002 e founded the SME WLAB where he is currently the CTO and in 2012 he  founded  the spin-off WSENSE. The effectiveness of his applied research activity is witnessed by 2 patents and 4 patent applications and by some awards: Winner of media and communication category at Wonderland Contest 2000, Innovation Prize at Simagine 2002, Bronze Award at Simagine 2004, Third place award in the Start Cup "Roma 2006/2007", honorable mention at Premio Nazionale Innovazione nei Servizi edizione 2010 and winner of Lazio Barcamp at Stati Generali del Centro Nord. He has been a member of the Steering Board of ARTEMISIA for three years.

He leads e research group of 4 Ph.D students, 1 pos doc and 5 master students in the Wireless Sensor Networks lab at DIS. Since 2002 he teaches on network topics at the University of Rome "La Sapienza".
Andrea Vitaletti,
Apr 11, 2017, 12:40 AM